Moon Beam Baby

by believeh

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released July 3, 2017



all rights reserved


believeh Vancouver, British Columbia

believeh arose from the dust.

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Track Name: Wood Pecker
Moon beam child moving through the room blooming where the dooms about to loom amphetamine eyes cruel and without proof underneath explosions oh defused and i dont wanna repeat what is true and i dont wanna repeat what is oh so close to you. energetic owls staring blanking at the sky wishing and hoping you can die and energetic eyelids fluttering quick first you get the fix then you get sick i dont wanna repeat what is true and i dont wanna repeat what is oh so close to you.
Track Name: Tommorrows Vain Imagining
The lines that lie in car tire grasp on pavements tape clasp
Aligned in times pervasive sway the pendulum relapse
The spindles lies weave through my dreams all fables front to back
Deceptions blind transparency like fabricated glass
Oh how we Loved you
Oh how you died right before my eyes
The futures faked modernity in generations lapsed
Advertises blatantly a compass painted black
Tomorrows vain imaginings are the realizations of the past
Oh how we loved you
Oh how you died
Right before my eyes
Track Name: Trial By Error ((((Trial By Air))))
Well I've made my mistakes and
There's no changing that
Well we've been to the edge
From whence theres no coming back
Trial by Error
Never told someone how much pain i have
Lest i was blaming them
Someone told me was the same as them
That in some way i had a name in Them
well you know my name number 677
I'm the blameless sheep of the lamb
And your my goad or the thing around my head
Trial by error
Track Name: U K N O W
Oh its a man its a man who understands
Oh gotta find a man who understands
I don't have a question as to who is right not in my mind
I don't have a question as to who is blind we know we know we know who is blind.we know we know we know who is blind
I don't ask the question where have you been but you won't answer honestly you will lie right through your teeth but I love you anyways you never tell the truth
I hate the truth! Yeah
Oh its not what you think we are gonna get down
Oh no we're not gonna hesitate oh no oh no don't hesitate
Track Name: Awake The Dawn With My Song
You're on Oprah I'm on the sofa
You're about to bust a ghost I'm gonna eat the host
While listening to coast to coast
Swept under starlight
Universal twilight
I'm reminded of Lucifer in a white glove
Cause the nights just not enough
And you seem to have the right stuff
So give it up!!!
Cause its not gonna stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop STOP
if you new me inside and out you must have listened to what i was on about you know its never gonna change and i love your way but not as much as Love your on the sofa im on Oprah OVER COME OVER COME and the Bride says Come! and the Spirit says Come! and my heart says Come! so does everything everything everything and everyone! everyone says COME COME!!!!!!
Track Name: Tall Bridge
Well I know how it feels you reel when its real its not what you expect i know where you go they are all gonna know cause its not what expect and you ask it of the rest and i know how it feels its a steal of a deal but you don't believe its real. Oh yeah give you heart here and with me you wanna scribble down something with a pen you know Jesus i hope your with me cause you know im with Satan and you're with him