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by believeh

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A herky-jerky of earnest love songs for drunken, teenaged dolphins caught in a distaff fever dream

A review by Zaq Haslam


released May 7, 2007

I played all the insturments.. lots of influence from my friend What Universe (Christopher Niemer) as to questions on art and the Self.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


believeh Vancouver, British Columbia

believeh arose from the dust.

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Track Name: I Wanna Be YR Christ.
Big bones in my head
Attacking my yard
And words they are long
You can't, You can't you see bass

Oh take as it comes
Go slow as you fast
And walk through your wants with it
Your golden handkerchief

I wanna be your Christ
I wanna be your savior love
Seen all there was to see, and I one
I won the war on drugs
I fought the giant bull and bight
I wanna be the one the one one fuck all of em'

Do what ever it is you want
And take your time don't push yourself
and have a little fun
Why don't your stop worrying about the problems of the world

And I've seen all the world
It's glories and its faults just look at what I've done
I've done it all. I've done it all.
Oh no I'm not going to die
Track Name: Leaves Fall
There's always something about the current situation makes you mad about the world
It don't mean nothing it's a worldly condition you just have to let it go.
I'll tell you something I don't need your permission
I don't wanna hear you whine
So stick around a bit I know I think you're thinking so just please don't waist my time.

That's just how the leaves they fall
Thats just how the world begins and ends again
That's just how the world revolves

So stick your stickers paint your pictures do your thing
I wanna see it in the flesh
The golden boy is turning circles round himself he doesn't know it but he can
And every child has a smile on their face I can see it in their eyes
There's many Persons there's many Peoples there Many places I can see it from the sky

And that just how the leaves they fall thats just how our lives get planted in the sand that just how shit goes down.... fuck yeah!
Track Name: Hippies Say
You're cutting up a big tomato
To put it on some bread with mayo
I'm thinking something I can't say though
And it's all the same

You come and ask me where I'm going
Said sorry love not going nowhere
It's tough enough to prove I don't care
And I don't believe in need

The teachers say they wanna riot
The president is on a diet
The hippies say they wanna try it and make love for free

Somebody said the wind is blowin
Stopped by and asked him i don't know man
Which way you think that it is going but he could not say which way.
People tripping on vacation
People trip on information
People trip on situation yeah they never change

The teachers say they wanna riot
The president is on a diet
The hippies say they wanna try it and make love for free
Track Name: falling
I'm about to fall down
Doesn't mean I'm going anywhere fast
I'm about to fall down
Doesn't mean I'm going anywhere
Track Name: Take and Take (and Take)...
Said you wanted more
Well you needed less
Take me as I am
Cause I'm not that much

I'm obsessed with fame
I can't shake my thought
Take it as it comes I can't change my fate elaborate life
That I see right through

Oh I'm going out
And I'll dance it off
Over done with feel and i felt like a field

And it feels so nice when you glow round me
And I kiss your feet cause you are my love
Track Name: Rough Tumbler
Dream weaver you're a hell of a guy
Got your head up and in the sky
You hate money but you steal to get high


Miss Mistress you're a hole in the head
We go for Ice cream but I'd rather be dead
I'm feeling lazy so I'm staying in bed.


Rough tumbler and you're falling around town
Leather jacket and a hole in your pants
You hold her tightly just like your cigarette


Pants tight and so I'm taking a ride
Bad conversation and I'm cutting a line
I'm feeling easy so I gotta put out.

Track Name: Opportunity Kills

Opportunity kills, if you know what I mean
Then well you're probably feeling it to, so I'm headed down town cause i've got a dollars to spare and there easy to spend


Reel it in like a fish bury it under a patch of grass where it will stay for a year maybe less, you said I'm smoking to much there's something wrong with with my lungs there both about to fall out


Eyes crossed out blinking like a stop light but you know I'm gonna feel alright when the day turns to night
Eyes wide I'm speeding the a freight train well you know I'm gonna feel okay when the night turns to day.

Waist my mind make me sigh i don't really wanna make you mine cause your wasting my time, bring me down make me frown I've grown tired of having you around cause your bringing me down

We could talk until the sun goes down
You don't even have to be around
Doesn't matter cause it doesn't hurt
I don't think that this could get much worse
Track Name: Impulse vs Virtue
The store has rolled back the price
And it's nice
Got tired of doing what he knew was right
Four pictures framed in his mind to remind of the tragedy of better times
There's nothing there not at all and it's not so don't kid yourself cause that's a joke
The sea was stretching for miles all the while things where going in and out of style
Somebody probably put him out he can't help but keep coming down ain't that a shame, or just a passing phase.
It's like the secrets we hold and let go a drip drop someones at the door they always let themselves in with intent to start over and then over agaiin that fucking place is a drag its a drag it keeps dragging me out of my mind, she put a hole in the wall got ripped off who really cares damage was already done,
And I hope you know i never really meant to hurt you
But Impulse took the place of virtue
I'd like you to go, I'd like you to know
The bottles broke on the floor like a fit
We where all fed up and tired of it
And it's not a rush that you're waiting for kid
It's a constant need to remember the hints
And they don't mean much no they don't mean shit
Not at all